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Old fashioned service...

Wiggies are proud of our reputation for fair dealing, professional service and quality parts.  Wiggies can look after all your car and truck mechanical needs. Our skills in radiator repairs will have you back on the road in no time. Have a look at what we can create with steel & aluminium - from trailers to horse floats to repairing fuel tankers.



We specialise in all types of welding, and can fabricate trailers, tanks, trusses, and other custom made items.

dave kelly
david stone
cutting lengths for truss
car port truss #1
cutting lengths for truss
John Wiggers
Custom made for motorbike
custom made brackets
Ski boat cover
cutting lengths for truss
soldering a radiator


What Wiggies can do for you...

Mechanical Services

From 4WD's to mini minors we have the knowlege to keep your vehicle on the road and running it's best.
- Full serivce history maintained.
- Pick-up and Drop-off while your car is out of action.
- Only genuine parts used without brand mark-ups.
- New Car Warranty maintained.

Aluminium & Steel Fabrication
- Fuel tank repairs
- Boat repairs, ie Tinnies
- Customised trailer fabrication
- Farm fuel tank & frames
- Fuel tank bottom-load kits
- OHS modifications, ie. ladders on tankers
- Air operated hand rails for road tankers
- general fabrication & repairs

AIP Location Station

We are a registered station for fuel tank certification.
- Hydro testing
- Installation truck fuel specs
- AIP checks
- Fuel hose continuity & pressure testing
- Turn table and pin inspections
- Fuel trailer servicing
- Barrel inspections
- repairs & maintenance


Radiators are our specialty and have been a core service since 1983.

We a member of the AdRad Expert Group, which gives you nation-wide coverage with another AdRad Expert should you need it when traveling.
We have access to a wide range of Australian manufacturers.
- New radiators
- Re-cores
- Clean outs
- Replacement tanks
- Heater Cores
- Air conditioning condensers
- Air Charge coolers
- Same day service

Fuel Bottom-Loading System

Wiggies has invented a unique modified fuel loading system for on-farm tanks.

Ladders are removed for OHS purposes. Pipe work, taps and adapters fitted with cam locks and caps are all brought to ground level for safe, easy re-fueling of the tank. The tanker operator remains on the ground.

The farm tank does NOT need to be empty for us to modify the tank. We can accommodate any tank size / fittings needed and can generally complete a tank in 4 hours. To date we have modified approx. 200 tanks throughout Tassie.


We specialise in all types of welding, including:
- aluminium
- steel
- copper
- brass
- mig / tig / stick / gas
- soldiering
- copper soldiering
- silver soldiering


Call: 03 6424 7292

ADDRESS: 26 Hillcrest Rd, Devonport Tasmania 7310

Opening hours
Monday - Friday: 8.00 - 5.30pm

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